Low-Energy Snowmaking Technology isn't just good for the environment; it's great for your profitability too.

In today's climate, maximizing snow production in all window's of opportunity is key to boosting your ski area's revenue and competitive edge. With Dual Vector + Rapid Fire Technologies, you'll save money, time and energy. Plus you'll future proof operations against unreliable weather patterns, high operational costs and energy restrictions.

Protect your profitability and secure more skier day's with the best possible snow surface in all conditions. 

Formula For Success


System Optimization

To open more terrain sooner, ski area's need to maximize their snowmaking capacity in marginal and cold conditions

With Dual Vector + Rapid Fire Technology, ski area's can operate multiple Snow Logic units for the same energy as one of the leading ground gun, fan gun or tower technologies.

This cuts operating hours and has customers on the snow sooner which increases your bottom line.


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Technology ROI

For new installments & expansions, Snow Logic's Dual Vector + Rapid Fire Technology significantly reduces overall capital costs.

Our robust designs are built to last with quality materials and workmanship requiring minimal maintenance and spare parts. 

Dual Vector Technology allows ski area's to reduce the number of fixed and rental air compressors; Sugarbush Resort, VT has removed two air compressors while pumping the same volume of water by installing Dual Vector Technology.

Operating Costs

Using just 1-1.5 kW of power per unit, Snow Logic offers the lowest cost per acre foot of snow on the North American market.