A New Logic

Snow Logic's patented technologies emerged from 35 years of Australian Ski Area Management; home to some of the toughest snow-making conditions world-wide. We know first-hand how snow-making can make or break your bottom line. 

As snow-making conditions become more challenging, you need technology that's built for the future, not the past.
And that's why we've developed a totally different snow-making system that’s ultra-low-energy, modular, and fully customizable to adapt
to future climates maximizing production in all windows of opportunity. 

unmatched efficiency

Using just 1kW / 5cfm in all temperatures, Dual Vector + Rapid Fire Technologies cut operating costs, boosts snow production & gets customers on the slopes sooner maximizing revenue potential. 

  • Independently verified as the lowest cost per acre foot in North America
  • Reduce power + carbon emissions by 25-99% per snowmaking unit
  • Open terrain faster

superior production

Make the most with every dollar & max. production in all windows of opportunity; 

  • Early start up temperature; 28°f / -2.2°c
  • Custom flow rates & snow quality 
  • Flows up to 100 gpm / 6.35 ls
  • 200 psi-1000 psi / 13.78 bar-68.94 bar
  • Long, directional thow; 150+ft / 45+m 
  • Whisper quiet; 66 dBA @ 16”/5m, 57 dBA @ 65”/20m
  • Sublimates less than other technologies

custom solutions

To combat dynamic snowmaking conditions you need efficient technology and system design; our team engineers custom solutions to max. efficiency, production & snow quality in all conditions. 

Plus, our modular snowguns are fully customizable, auto-ready and easily upgraded giving you unbeatable flexibility to adapt your snowmaking system to future conditions.