Sometimes you really can have it all, with the SL DV4 Stealth you max production, snow quality and maneuverability. At 10’8” / 3.3 m, the Stealth is at the optimal height to increase production and throw.

With Modular Dual Vector Technology, you have the flexibility to adjust flow and snow quality throughout the season; put down a great base then top dress trails with a velvety snow surface. Available with an on-board compressor, you have the flexibility to make snow anywhere.

PATENTS - US 2014/0166773 A1 | US20140103147A1 | US20140291413AI | USD693902 | US8534577B2 | US9085003B2 | RU2013158836A | US 8,534,577 B2 | US 9,085,003 B2

Start Up Temperature 28°f / -2.2°c
Max Flow Rate80 gpm / 5.l sec
Water Pressure200 psi - 1000 psi / 13.78 bar - 68.94 bar
Air5-8 cfm / 1 - 1.5 kW through ALL STEPS
Throw / Projection100 ft+ / 30.48 m+
Nozzles12 x Interchangeable DUAL VECTOR Nozzles to adjust flow
Nucleators4 x Interchangeable Nozzles to adjust CFM
Height10’8” / 3.3 m
Width6’2” / 1.9 m
Weight196 lbs. / 88.9 kg
Noise66 dBA @ 16”/5m, 57 dBA @ 65”/20m → Whisper quiet
AutomationSeamlesssly integrates with Rapid Fire Hydrant and Portable / Wireless 'Black Box' Actuator
TerrainFlat to moderate; Transport with a Snowmobile or Groomer
Add-OnsOn-board Compressor | High Pressure Flat Hoses + Hard Hoses