Nozzles & Nucleation Like No Other

The unmatched efficiency of Snow Logic's ultra-low-energy technology is achieved by the distinctive design, Dual Vector® Nozzle Technology and a patented nucleation process. Our unique nucleation is optimally placed to efficiently seed ice-crystals into the plume.

DV4 Striker- Plume -Nucleator.png

Patented Dual Vector® Nozzle Technology is the only nozzle that produces a spray pattern that diverges on a horizontal and a vertical plane which; 

  • Doubles the surface area 
  • Increases air induction accelerating the cooling process
  • Projects water droplets much further than traditional flat jet water nozzles  
  • Has a powerful, highly directional plume throwing up to 150+ft/45+m
  • Flows up to 100gpm/6.35l

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