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We don’t like boundaries. So when we developed Rapid Fire Automation Technology we dared to be different unleashing the world’s first wireless, battery operated and solar charged automated snowmaking technology. 

With Dual Vector + Rapid Fire Technology, you’ll crush operating costs and run time.
Plus, you’ll open more terrain sooner with the best possible snow surface. 

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The cornerstone of Rapid Fire Technology is a new hydraulically balanced air + water hydrant. Manual or Automatic, Rapid Fire Hydrants optimize snowmaking efficiency and capacity by streamlining start up and shut down procedures.

Hydraulically balanced, Dual Vector Technology is safely operated at high water pressures (up to 1000 psi) boosting production and snow quality to new heights. 

U.S. Patent No. 9,772,134 B2


The ‘Black Box’ is a game changer; the interchangeable actuators semi or fully automate Snow Logic’s DV Technology and Rapid Fire Hydrants in minutes.

The robust, portable system is designed to move from trail to trail (without the environmental footprint) to maximize production, run time and ROI. But best of all, Dual Vector Technology is auto-ready so you can automate anywhere, anytime without fixed infrastructure. 

Patent Pending