SL DV4 Tower

The most energy efficient & cost effective snowmaking technology in North America; independently tested

When you need big production, look no further than the SL DV4 Tower.

Throwing out up to 120gpm at 5-8 cfm, you'll max production while saving money time and energy. Like all of Snow Logic's technology, the SL DV4 Tower is super low energy which means you can operate more guns at once, run your system at 100% more often and open more terrain sooner.

Patent Numbers

JP 6180528 | US 9,664,427 B2 | US 9,631,855 B2 | CN 102164681B | US 9,395,113 B2 | US 9,170,041 B2 | US 9,085,003 B2 | RU 2515290 C2 | US D693,902 S | US D692,982 S | US D692,528 S | US 8,534,577 B2 

SL DV4 Tower Specification
Start Up Temperature 28°f / -2.2°c
Max Flow Rate120 gpm / 7.6 l sec
Water Pressure200 psi - 1000 psi / 13.78 bar - 68.94 bar
Air5-8 cfm / 1 - 1.5 kW through ALL STEPS
Throw / Projection150 ft+ / 50 m+ throw
Nozzles12 x interchangeable nozzles to adjust flow
Nucleators4 x interchangeable nozzles
Height32’8” / 10 m
Weight210 lbs. / 95 kg
Noise66 dBA @ 16”/5m, 57 dBA @ 65”/20m → whisper quiet
AutomationSeamlesssly integrates with Rapid Fire hydrant and portable actuator
TerrainAll terrain
Add-OnsOn-board compressor | High pressure flat hoses + hard hoses
There’s no better way to make cheap snow than Snow Logic’s Modular Dual Vector Technology.
— Brendan Ryan, Project Manager Peak Resorts