Redefining Low Energy Snowmaking From The Ground Up

Exclusively, patented Dual Vector® Technology is the only nozzle that produces a spray pattern that diverges on a horizontal and a vertical
plane; this doubles the surface area, increases air induction and projects water droplets much further than traditional flat jet water nozzles.

The powerful, highly directional plume flows up to 100gpm / 6.35ls with a 150+ft / 45+m throw. Our unique nucleation system has a fixed airflow of just 1kW/5cfm in ALL temperatures. Mobile or fixed; our four step guns can be fully customized.

Proudly crafted in the USA

Ultra Low Energy 

Operating on just 5cfm / 1kW through all stages means you can run more guns at once, pump more water onto the trail
and open more terrain sooner.

Plus at 59 dBA, Dual Vector Technology is whisper quiet so it’s well suited to high traffic areas.

More Production

Dual Vector Technology’s high flow rates and unique spray pattern puts more snow on the
ground sublimating less than other snowmaking technologies.

Independently verified as the
lowest cost per acre foot of snow in North America; Dual Vector Technology makes the
most with every dollar.

Modular Design 

Dual Vector Technology offers unmatched flexibility with custom nozzle configurations; make production type snow or top dress trails throughout the season.

The modular platform is easily retrofitted with technology upgrades giving you peace of mind your purchase will remain at the forefront of technology.

Sustainable snowmaking 

Dual Vector + Rapid Fire
Technology maximizes run time and production capacity with significantly less resources ensuring your ski area will be environmentally & financially sustainable into the future.