Redefining Low Energy - From The Ground Up

Snow Logic’s patented Dual Vector™ Nozzle Technology redefines low-energy snowmaking. Our unique nucleation system requires 1-1.5kW / 5-8cfm through all STEPS. 
A powerful plume up to 140gpm produces the lowest cost per acre foot of snow on the US market. Mobile or fixed; Single step, four step or six step guns can be fully customized.

Proudly crafted in the USA

Dual Vector Nozzle Technology

Our patented Dual Vector™ Nozzle Technology produces a flat spray pattern that diverges on a horizontal and a vertical plane. The powerful, highly directional plume has a flow rate up to 140gpm and a 50ft+ throw. Plate & Modular Nozzles available.

US Patent Numbers
8,534,577 | D693,902 | D692,982 | D692,528

Four Step

Cost effective, easy operation: Available in fixed and mobile units, SL DV4 Technology offers the ultimate flexibility to make snow where you need it. SL DV4 Technology has flow rates up to 85 gpm & four configurable steps.

Mobile units are easy to maneuver & have low operating costs making them a cost effective alternative to high energy ground guns.

Six Step

Low cost fan gun alternative: SL DV6 Technology is a high output snow gun that can punch out up to 140 gpm. With six configurable steps, SL DV6 Technology is well placed in areas where big production is needed. Fixed & mobile units available.