Dual Vector Nozzle Technology

Our patented Dual Vector™ Nozzle Technology produces a flat spray pattern that diverges on a horizontal and a vertical plane. The powerful, highly directional plume has a flow rate up to 140gpm and a 50ft+ throw. Plate & Modular Nozzles available.

US Patent Numbers
8,534,577 | D693,902 | D692,982 | D692,528

Four Step

Cost effective, easy operation: Available in fixed and mobile units, SL DV4 Snowmaking Technology offers the ultimate flexibility to make snow where you need it. SL DV4 Snowmaking Technology has flow rates up to 85 gpm & four configurable steps.

Mobile units are easy to maneuver & have low operating costs making them a cost effective alternative to high energy ground guns.

Six Step

Low cost fan gun alternative: SL DV6 Snowmaking Technology is a high output snow gun that can punch out up to 140 gpm. With six configurable steps, SL DV6 Technology is well placed in areas where big production is needed. Fixed & mobile units available.